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Costume Jam 2023!

Posted by Thetageist - 2 weeks ago

Hello, Newgrounds! If you don’t know me already, my name is Theta, and I’m the ghost who posts, baby! With Halloween coming, everyone’s thinking of a costume - which makes it a perfect time to resurrect a piece of internet history! Dollmakers and dress-up games were a staple of the early days of web games, but they’re still clinging to life even beyond the grave of Flash! So I’ve decided to launch a jam to celebrate the spooky season with some old-school internet flair!

The challenge is simple: Make a dress-up game with a twist in its game mechanics. It can be something as simple as having the character react to what you put them in, or something as complicated as a whole narrative game where dressing up is the main gameplay. Outfit challenges, minigames to get more clothes, selling to customers, the sky’s the limit! Spooky themes are encouraged!

  • Deadline: October 31st at 11:59 PM
  • Rules: No shovelware, no NSFW, no hateful content, stick to the NG rules about AI art.
  • How to participate: Tag your entry with costumejam2023, and I’ll look through the entries after the deadline has passed!

Alright! Put any questions you have on this post! It’s showtime!

Update: Just because I wanted to, I came up with a list of examples of regular dress-up games with additional mechanics, from both the old era and the new. It's probably going to keep being updated. Enjoy!

The big list




Oh… So you’re triggering THOSE Newgrounds memories! I remember those dress-up games were abundant in the earlier years here!

Yeah! Hell, even the woman behind the site Doll Divine has an account here, though only one game of hers has been posted!

i actually have an unfinished prototype for a dress up game sitting around, i might finish it up and enter the jam

I'm excited to see it!

Is there a reference on how to make these? Despite being a Telecom IT tech for years I am not good with code.

Do you use GDevelop? If so, tydaze found a good tutorial that I can send you. If not, I can look for one in whatever other engine you use.

This sounds like a super cute jam, ill try my best to enter! :D


Count me in!

This'll be great!

oooooo I think I may get in on this

Yay! I like your cool and creepy character designs, I'm excited to see what you do for this!

@YendorNG a lot of classic flash dress em up games were accomplished with a simple drag and drop code snippet that comes with flash. You can accomplish the same thing with Construct 3s drag and drop behavior. You could technically make a whole dress up game with the free version of construct 3, might be worth looking into!

@Thetageist I'll take what I can get! :) thank you!

I hope someone makes a Disco Elysium sequel because *that* was a great dress-up game.

Hell, if anyone can pull anything off with an oil painting style like that for this jam, I’d be really impressed.

i mean.... i could try to make it in wick. but id have to spin things Heavily.

Even if it doesn’t work out in the end, I’d love to see what you do get working!

I have a great idea for a game.

Excited to see what you do!

I'm not a coder, but for anyone who is I have a weird idea. Have a dress up game where u put on music Band t shirts and every time u put one on u gotta answer a trivia question about the band on the shirt you pick. Maybe like Jeapordy where you gotta aim for the special clothes to get points. I'm only saying this since I probably won't be able to make the deadline in time lol.

That’d legitimately be fun. You could make fun of that meme about seeing someone wearing a band shirt and asking them to name three of their songs.

Hey! They actually frontpaged this, congrats! I'll see if I do anything for this

Yeah, I’m very excited about it!

@Thetageist EXACTLY!!

oh, this sounds fun. Does anyone need an illustrator? I do stylized stuff